A Non-Doctor’s Mandatory Prescription to the Best Medicine

Life is hard! Full of stress, pain, suffering and sadness. We need to keep a positive mind and keep our sanity through exercise, yoga, games etc. For some, swimming is therapeutic. For others, meditation works wonders. For writers like us,  pouring our heart out on paper is the balm to our wounded soul.

And despite all that, there is one medicine that is known to cure all ailments – mental, physical , psychological – Laughter! Since I couldn’t become a real doctor I’ll do the next best thing; prescribe the best medicine in generous doses without a medical license!

And fortunately for me, Anandhotep (for those of who don’t know him, he is this owlish-looking mummy who never sleeps, seldom eats, and trots around in nothing but termite-eaten, stinky bandages, makes an appearance once every two months and gives us our beloved Quirky, Snarky, Malarkey Magazine) decided to help me in this mission and very kindly invited me to take on the role of Editor of QSM Magazine’s Facebook page.

QSM  Intro post

And before he gives me the boot for not doing any work, I better go and while away some time on Facebook. Do visit us and remember to tell Anandhotep I invited you over so then he has no choice but to acknowledge my contribution. (He is quite a hard taskmaster, from what I hear from my friend Anand)

Like the page, share it and subscribe before the next issue is out (which is soon!)


14 thoughts on “A Non-Doctor’s Mandatory Prescription to the Best Medicine

  1. Congratulations! Anand could not have chosen anyone better! PS- Taking my own daily recommended dose of laughter has proven very beneficial with over-whelming healing properties!! Hugs! (and an extra special giggle for you!)

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