Where Art Thou?

Republished for the purpose of this blogathon that is supported by Woo, The most popular match making app in India with a base of over 3.5 million users.” Dear Future Husband, How are you doing? I am well and have been searching for you high and low. Where exactly are you hiding? Are you under the … Continue reading Where Art Thou?


Not Without My Mobile Phone

Today while heading out to meet a friend, I forgot my phone at home. I was barely ten minutes away from home when I realized this but decided not to go back. Instead, this may be a blessing in disguise, I thought. Disconnect from the online world and re-connect with the real world, I told myself. … Continue reading Not Without My Mobile Phone

A Non-Doctor’s Mandatory Prescription to the Best Medicine

Life is hard! Full of stress, pain, suffering and sadness. We need to keep a positive mind and keep our sanity through exercise, yoga, games etc. For some, swimming is therapeutic. For others, meditation works wonders. For writers like us,  pouring our heart out on paper is the balm to our wounded soul. And despite all that, … Continue reading A Non-Doctor’s Mandatory Prescription to the Best Medicine

An Open Letter to Everyone Who Think They Know Better

Dear You, (Yes, you, with your upturned nose, throwing disgusted glances my way)! How are you doing in that “I-can't-mind-my-own-business” world of yours? Hope you are comfortable. If not, please make yourself so. Sit down and put your legs up. Because this is going to take a while, let me tell you upfront.  You, who keep … Continue reading An Open Letter to Everyone Who Think They Know Better

Thank You, Dear Readers + Awards

200+ Followers! YAYY!!!! Tak Dhin-a-dhin dhin-a-dhin tak dhin-a-dhin! Ooo La La La... heeeeeyaaaaaa! tamamatamamam ...aaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeee....... (standing up on the table, dancing like a crazed maniac!) So, now that the jig is over, getting down to business. I would like to thank God, my parents, Jadoo, my readers, Blogger's World, Blogging U., my writing desk (it's … Continue reading Thank You, Dear Readers + Awards

Mr. Burp’s New Year Greetings

For our New Year celebration, my parents were participating in a Golf Tournament which was followed by a New Year party. The venue was a small but challenging Golf Course, which my parents were looking forward to playing at. We would also get to meet other golfers and interact with them before the tournament officially … Continue reading Mr. Burp’s New Year Greetings

World War III : The Golf Cart, Ant Attack and the Mud Path

On a recent family trip to an out-of-town golf course, I had been designated as the unofficial photographer, and we had obtained permission for me to go on the golf course, despite not playing myself. I had a golf cart all to myself, and had promised to stay off the course; while my parents shared … Continue reading World War III : The Golf Cart, Ant Attack and the Mud Path