Story Continuation Challenge Prompt 5

Thank you for participating in last week’s challenge.

Here are the best stories for last week’s prompt.

Sandra’s story had maximum likes. (No surprises there! 😀 )

As the sun set over the horizon, a deathly stillness descended with it. Her ashes drifting away, he clutched the sacred box, dreading his new life without her.

My personal favourite was a last minute entry; by Ankita.

As the sun set over the horizon, a deathly stillness descended with it. They will come back for me but I ain’t scared anymore because I have got nothing to lose. As I hold your lifeless body in my arms, I pledge to avenge your death, my love.

I loved her story so much that it inspired me to go far beyond what was written. I’m also going to try to write my own take of the story she started. She is also working on a longer one. I’m sure it’s going to be very interesting to see how both our stories turn out.
You’re free to do that too. Would love to read what stories you all come up with. (Remember to ping-back and include the mandatory mention/credits 🙂 )

Here’s this week’s prompt – 

The picture on the wall was crooked; a lot like the person in it.

Challenge Rules –

  • Please complete the story in a maximum of 3 sentences (the first line is the prompt, so you have the freedom to write either 1 or 2 lines more.)
  • Stories need to be shared in the comments section of that prompt’s post so that everybody can read them at one place.
  • If you feel inspired to write a longer story, please feel free to write it on your own blog with a ping-back to the respective prompt.
  • If a comment or story written by another blogger inspires you to write one of your own, please remember to thank them.
  • Creativity rules. The story could be told in a rhyming poem, free verse or prose. It could be funny, dark, thought-provoking or even a true incident retold creatively.
  • The Challenge will run from Tuesday to Sunday.
  • Most creative stories shall get a special mention in next week’s challenge.
  • The main purpose of this challenge is to have fun and learn. Those who are able to mentor and help others grow in their writing; you are encouraged to do so. All constructive feedback should be communicated in a kind and helpful manner AND received in a welcoming manner.
  • Please do read other stories and visit their blogs or give them feedback here. Each one of us is here to showcase our writing to others. Give first what you want in return.
  • If you are interested in participating in the challenge, please follow the blog to receive the prompts via email.

Prompt 5 Rules –

  • (You’re already following this rule, far better than I can imagine.) As before,  remember to go off the beaten track. Think out-of-the-box.
  • Use of an antonym of ‘crooked’ (in its literal or metaphorical meaning) is recommended.

This prompt is open till Sunday , April 10th, 2016. Please remember to submit your stories in the comments before then.

My story is –

The picture on the wall was crooked; a lot like the person in it.
Despite repeated tries, they hadn’t managed to straighten either.

Go on, write your own story with the above prompt.
Look forward to being blown away with your stories, yet again!


29 thoughts on “Story Continuation Challenge Prompt 5

  1. Thank you for the mention dear.

    Here’s my story for this challenge:

    The picture on the wall was crooked; a lot like the person in it. It reminded me of this same crooked smile through the window when the flames were engulfing me. I turned back to look at her sleeping peacefully and smirked,”I have come back, dearest ex mom-in-law.”

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  2. The picture on the wall was crooked; a lot like the person in it. The old lady scrambled to set it right, looking at her son’s boyish grin as he stood next to the nuclear reactor he’d designed. “Come home soon, my son”, she whispered to the photo.
    Unbeknownst to the deaf mother, the news droned on in the background.
    “A massive explosion took place due to the failure of the cooling system. There were no survivors”
    Her son in heaven sighed, the same news had been playing for seven years now.

    Yeah, all my stories are sad, I have no idea why.😅

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    1. I’ll reply to this once I’ve caught my breath or wiped my tears. Loved it. Sad and tragic, yes, but so emotional and powerful.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. (Sorry for the extended sentence length. These lines tend to inspire me to just write.)

    The picture on the wall was crooked; a lot like the person in it.

    I knew the portrait was of my Grandpa’s brother Jerry, who had shot himself in the foot to get out of WWII; he had only been in France a week and spent most of his active duty making himself throw-up so he didn’t have to fight, but his Captain realized what Jerry was doing and put him back on active duty; however, it wasn’t beyond Jerry’s cowardice to hide behind other men or use them as shields; I don’t think his battalion minded when the the enemy “supposedly” shot him in the foot because they were glad to see useless Jerry gone; in fact, life expectancy for members in their battalion went up when Jerry left.

    Jerry returned home and told fake stories about being a war hero and he had even stolen a dead man’s metals to make it look as if he had been recognized for defending his country; Jerry’s family didn’t believe him, they knew his personality, the cowardliness and cunning that always lurked behind Jerry’s every action; war was awful and terrifying, but his father and wounded brother, believed Jerry should be doing his duty back in France, now fighting on the beaches of Normandy; Jerry left home, wandering the roads in different towns, eternally lost and afraid that death would catch up with him; in the shadow of a pale moon, a bomb flew from the sky, and Jerry met his end one night in England close to home; the portrait Grandpa always said, should remind us Grandchildren to be brave and not be a coward as Uncle Jerry was and Grandpa’s grandchildren knew what true sacrifice was when Grandps showed them the stump that was once Grandpa’s left leg.

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    1. hahaha! It’s okay. But out of respect for your story, I still think you should break the sentences. Too long sentences tire the reader out. That’s why I say give your story proper treatment and post a nicely punctuated one on your blog. That way you have ample space to use a mix of long and short sentences. 🙂 I want to read the longer stories from you. You can just ping-back like Kay did and we’ll all come round and read your story too. 🙂

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  4. Hmm… crooked / smooth? Does that work? 🙂

    The picture on the wall was crooked; a lot like the person in it. Detective Jones shook his head and turned away toward the bookshelf. Desperate for evidence against the smooth-talking evil-doer, he tilted the book that opened the secret passage behind it.

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  5. The picture on the wall was crooked; a lot like the person in it. Her principles, always sound in her own mind, left the rest of us feeling the need to shower off the scent of the impending squeeze . Those were some deviant and twisted times.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Interesting, Lisa! It paints a vivid picture of someone who thinks they are always right. Also, love that last line.

      Liked by 1 person

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