Wings of Freedom

A brilliant poem that everyone can relate to. Featured under ‘From Around the World.’
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Feelings161 you should definitely write more often.

My Feelings My Freedom

                                                Wings of Freedom

Wings of freedom is all I need,

I want to live and not just breathe.

I want to fly high like a bird,

I want to dream, go out of the herd.

Wings of freedom is all I dare,

I want to be cared the way I care.

I want to reach the stars and skies,

I want to abandon the world of lies.

Wings of freedom is all I insist,

I want to flow and not resist.

I want to spread the joy around,

I want to see my world abound.

Wings of freedom is all I ask,

I want to take off this mask.

I want to be happy and sure I will,

With Wings of freedom, I’m sure I will.

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8 thoughts on “Wings of Freedom

    1. Absolutely . And sometimes, one needs to break free from the shackles to enjoy life’s best offerings. Thank you for reading and commenting. Please do visit the original post too 🙂

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