Regret – banish that thought!

“Never look back unless you are planning to go that way.”
Henry David Thoreau

Unless you wish to revisit memories and moments that made you cry with tears of joy.

Well, okay, not to that extent. But here is a list of things you should do to avoid regrets…

  1. Watch a movie that will make you laugh till you cry. I don’t know which one. I don’t cry and laugh at the same time, but I can laugh till I cry. I am quite assorted that way. But, when I cry, I bawl; and when I laugh, I am a banshee. Okay, maybe you could tone it down a bit so your neighbours won’t think your cat just died.
  2. Stop thinking about the past. The future is far more mysterious and interesting. And, it’s always more exotic in dreamland, isn’t it? Okay, come back to reality. The present is where you should focus!
  3. Stop procrastinating and start doing. (Now, I need to get on that treadmill. Okay,  maybe after I am done with this post. And then, there’s the laundry. Maybe later…)
  4. Watch a movie that will make you cry… no, not tears of joy but actually cry. Here, I have a long list. If nothing else works, just watch Derek Shepherd’s death scene in Grey’s Anatomy. What, it didn’t make you cry? Welcome to my blog, fellow alien.
  5. Get back to work now, while you wait for my next blog. And click on Like. Else, I will regret why I wrote this.

6 thoughts on “Regret – banish that thought!

    1. Unfortunately Rhonda, my regrets are more about why i did them 😉 but then like i said, it is done and done. over with it . better to learn the lesson and move on 🙂


  1. I didn’t know Derek Shepard died!! I am an intermittent watcher. I can imagine it’s traumatic. I like your list, especially number 2. I find that’s where I am now, need to move on from the last year of travelling and idleness.


    1. He did…. in a very heart-wrenching scene. Bwwaaaaahhhh!!!! oh, well. you can start planning your next trip. that way the present will be as exciting as the past is memorable. 🙂


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